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Dec 31, 2014

2014.One last time

Just in a couple of hours people all over my country will be celebrating, making wishes and setting hopes for the better future. New Year's Eve is nothing but an ordinary night. But when so many believe in its magic, it can turn into a real wonder. Make this night as cozy and happy as you can. So that at the moment of weakness and fear you can always come back in your memories to this fairytale moment. To me it's the key trick of the New Year celebration. :) Happy New Year! Thank you for spending 2014 with me. See you in 2015 :)

Всего через пару часов люди в моей стране будут праздновать, загадывать желания и мечтать о радостном будущем. Новогодний вечер точно такой же, как и сотни других вечеров. Но то, что так много сердец в этот миг бьются с надеждой на лучшее, делает его поистине волшебным. Пусть эта ночь будет радостной и приятной. Чтобы в моменты слабости и страха вы могли вернуть себе отвагу, возвратившись в памяти в этот сказочный миг.  Для меня это самое главное во встрече нового года. ) С Новым годом! Спасибо за то, что провели 2014 со мной. До встречи в 2015! :)

Dec 4, 2014

Cozy in the faux fur coat

When I come across the winter looks styled by the bloggers from my country or from the neighbouring territories, I cannot help but wonder how they manage to wear such light clothes in such a terrible, exremely cold weather. By all means, how can a sane person feel cozy in the stilettos on bare feet and a coat that I would wear only if it is +15? Even if they are moving around the city by car. They still need to get out of it and walk those 3-4 meters to the destination spot balancing on the dirty slippery ground and it is still chilly outside.A friend of mine says that these people live in some parallel reality. I tend to find lots of sense in this point of view now. Or maybe I am a true Southern girl who hates cold and looks like a cabbage on leaving her warm flat in the mornings :). Yet here what I've found suitable for myself. Less dark colors, more fine textures and volume. Here is my interpretation of cozy but smart winter look :)

I am wearing: River island faux fur coat
Valery Kovalska trousers
Kachorovska biker boots and bag
Dennis Basso scarf

Dec 1, 2014

Good Monday: Keep me warm

The first day of winter started with the very low temperature and teasing bright sun outside my window. Even though I was supposed to be fresh and ready to work after the weekend, I could barely pull myself out of bed. The pillow felt so soft and welcoming and even the energy boosting morning yoga class didn't have the desired effect on me. This is the official period when a 100% merino wool sweater is the sexiest thing that comes up to my mind when I'm deciding on my outfit of the day. Layering my clothes is my one and only choice these days. In order not to turn into a grumpy person I've found my own ways of keeping myself warm these days apart from wearing a half of my wardrobe at the same time.
The first method that always works well for me is holding a warm fluffy cat. The only negaive aspect of this idea is that a cat is not always that much excited about your company. But your chances multiply if the object is sleeping peacefully and you are good at walking on tiptoe.

Turning on the Christmas lights can add some festive air to your home. It feels so cozy and safe with the glimpse of fairy-tale season, that is brought by the soft light of small lamps.

Listening to the calm music and reading good books like "The unadulturated cat" by Terry Pratchett can put you in a good mood. As a bonus you'll be aware of all the negative consequences after coping with the first method and will be able to sign truce with your fluffy mate.

These are only few ways of getting through the iceness of these days. You can alwas improvise and find something good for you. Please share your recipes in the comments :)

Have a good Monday and keep yourself warm :)

Nov 24, 2014

Good Monday: In the mood for brownie

Every season has its own unique flavour and taste for me. When it comes to winter, I think of a brownie cake. It always seemed to me that winter is like a vacation for the earth. It takes a break and covers with the snow blanket and takes a beauty nap till the early spring. When I woke up this Sunday morning and looked outside the window, I understood that this vacation already started. All was sparkling in the frosty white snowflakes. So I rushed into the kitchen and cooked a huge piece of brownie, that filled my flat with that adorable chocolate aroma. And the best thing to do on the mornings like this is to listen to the music and relish the serenity of this moment.

Have a good Monday and a nice piece of brownie :)

Nov 23, 2014

Oversized checked tartan scarf

Don't know where I got this strange habit from, but I never walk with the bare neck in autumn. My mom can be proud of me, I always wear scarves or turtleneck sweaters. Or both :)
Autumn this year was rather warm and dry, but the closer we were getting to winter, the colder it felt outside. So I inspected my wardrobe and found an oversized tartan scarf and an oversized warm coat. To add some color to the look, I picked up a matching red floppy hat and red lipstick. In this outfit I can easily overcome any chilly wind or sad thoughts:) Bright colors and an oversized warm scarf will never let you down. Trust me :)

I am wearing: oversized scarf no name
                       Mango coat and jeans
                       River Island fringe bag
                       New Yorker hat
                       Mango boots

Nov 17, 2014

Good Monday: Summer memories giveaway

Долго собиралась с силами и наконец нашла время, чтобы смонтировать видео о своем летнем отдыхе в Греции. Хочется поделиться с вами, дорогие читатели, частичкой тех волшебных мгновений. А чтобы не пришлось сожалеть об ушедшем тепле, я разыгрываю в блоге каплю солнечной греческой магии - набор средств по уходу за кожей от фирмы Korres:

Все, что вам нужно для участия, - это быть подписанным на мой Instagram и/или youtube канал, поделиться моим фото в инстаграм или ссылкой на канал в соцсетях + оставить свой комментарий здесь или на одном из профилей. Я присвою вам номер и объявлю результаты уже в эту пятницу, 21.11. =) Удачи и хорошего понедельника вам! =))

Nov 13, 2014

Warm office dressing

I spend most of my time in the office. I guess the largest part of my readers does the same thing. It's really chilly now in our room, so I try to wear to work the most comfortable things to keep me warm. Yet, I want to stay stylish and feminine:) Luckily, I've found a very Chanel-like tweed dress with the check in Dior colors :) So  fashionable and chic! Now I can follow the office dress-code without being boring in my outfit.

I am wearing: Sinequanone coat and turtleneck top
Bronx boots
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Pret-a-porter dress

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