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Stylish photoshoots done with the help of IT colleagues

Apr 29, 2011

The IT style tips

I am a working girl. Still, I love hanging out. A lot. I prefer my new IT-friends to accompany me in long walks, different activities and parties. They are harmless, nice, predictable and shy. A perfect combination of traits of character. Most of the time they talk about movies or series they've watched. Usually these are "The Misfits", "Big bang theory" and " One and a half men". I got used to it and can easily think over my next three days outfit while pretending to listen to their stories. This approach works without bugs, if to talk in IT slang.=) And everyone is happy.
Yesterday we attended the fireshow that was the closing evening of the French Spring festival in Kiev. A nice festival with fire, drums, light and gorgeous fireworks. The scene was breathtaking. I haven't seen such beauty for a long time. Some of the developers came with me. On our way to the show spot we were discussing fashion. Believe me, all the conversations end up with the style topic when I'm involved=).
So here we were, walking down the crowded streets of late Thursday, arguing about clothes. I was the one who supported the idea of forming new looks every day. Guys were opposing me. Frankly speaking, they were defending their right to wear one and the same outfit for at least 3 days. can you belive it? All my attemps to make them see the benefits of being stylish every new day failed when one of the programmers said that wearing dirty clothes can be treated as style tip. Gosh! I have a lot of things to work on to teach them think as fashionistas. That's quite a challenge. And I accept it=)

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