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Apr 25, 2012

Copenhagen Fashion Spots with Irene

Today I had a lovely evening, as I have  met a very lovely girl Irene. Irene is the fashion blogger from Madrid who is studying communication in Copenhagen.

You can read her blog here.
The weather in the capital of Denmark is very changeable. At the beginning of the evening it was raining, but all of a sudden the sun came out and it was just the right time for taking a walk. Irene told me about her life in the city and the style of Danish girls and boys.
Blokes in Denmark are very stylish. They follow the latest trends and really care of their look. Girls are keen on fancy outfit too. They prefer dark colors and clean lines in clothes, adding some bright details with colorful backpacks and trainers ( that are extremely popular as the main transport in Copenhagen is a bike). What is more they often wear headbands to protect their ears from cold wind while riding a bicycle and keeping hair in order. Irene joked that Danish girls have the "waterproof ability" having their hair always looking gorgeous and in order even if it's raining outside. :)
After having a cup of coffee in a cozy coffee shop Irene showed me the favorite places to shop. Irene believes that the style of every person is greatly influenced by the kind of music they listen to. She is a big fan of British music. Especially the old bands. This affected her choice of clothes a lot. Her favorite brands are Urban Outfitters, Weekday, Vagabond, that are very popular among Danish youth.
Weekday is a huge store with the conceptional interior design:

They have their own magazine that you can take for free in the shop :

In Weekday they sell their own collection

as well as collaborations with designers,

famous brands as Cheap Monday

and also vintage clothes

Monki is another shop of that kind, but with more colorful outfit on sale:

But probably the most desirable destination for each true fashionista is the Latin Quarter, where the best second hand and vintage stores are situated:

The atmosphere is magical in the streets here. Owing to the creative street art on the buildings everywhere here and the clothes that have unique history you feel as if you are in some other kind of world :)

Unfortunately, most of the shops were already closed when we got there, but I am definitely coming back there on Friday, which is actually the best day to go shopping in Copenhagen together with Saturday. On  Sunday everything is closed.

The shoes stores sell the adored by many fashion bloggers Jeffrey Campbells:

This was one of the best evenings in Copenhagen. I am so glad I met with  Irene as she is one of the nicest and kindest  people I've ever known and hoping to see her once again:)

Apr 22, 2012

Melon Sorbet

The moment I saw Mango SS12 lookbook I fell in love with this skirt. It is so airy and elegant, with endless pleats and exquisite melon sorbet color. I could not resist its perfection and was the first to buy it in our local Mango store when it arrived.

This look reflects my spring mood as it unites such warm palette with pastel colors: light blue and melon. Moreover, I’ve added some brightness with the yellow bag and golden necklace.

I can definitely call it my "big spring purchase" :) .

Its pleats sometimes remind me  the tender petals of narcissus.

Time for Denim

This spring is a little bit colder than usually. Nevertheless, we crave the sun and warm days. So do all the plants around us. Finally, the cherry and apricot trees started blooming in blossom. And it's really one of the most romantic times of the year. For me, it's a nice opportunity to wear denim.

I chose jeans and pumps by Mango and a lovely Milu T-shirt by Jason Wu for Target. The red poppy flower earings are handmade. They were bought at some small workshop in Lvov.

While we were making the shots of this look two little girls and a boy were watching us from the distance. Then all of a sudden one girl came to me and gave the blossoming apricot branch. I know, it's not a good thing to break branches, but as long as it's a gift from a little girl, I took it and thanked her. :)

Apr 21, 2012

L'UVE Party with Harper's Bazaar Ukraine

This Friday was extremely busy for me. We had a monthly meeting and then our traditional pizza party at our IT office. Then  I went home to change for the evening.
This time I attended the welcome-party at L'UVE store organized by Harper's Bazaar Ukraine. I arrived early, so had a chance to view the collection and take a few shots of the most attractive pieces.

I am a big fan of all that does Valery Kovalska, the designer of this brand. What is more, the color palette and the styling of the SS collection is very close to my personal style.

By the way, there were special discounts for the collection due to the event.

All the guests of the event had opportunity to try professional  make-up. I could not resist the temptation and spent lovely 30 minutes chatting to the make-up artist while she was trimming my face. =)

Here is the result:

I know that L'UVE created the new collection for men too. I hope that the next presentation of this brand will include some pieces of menswear, so I can find something for my IT guys. =)
Meanwhile I am packing my bag for  IT trip to Denmark. Stay tuned ;).

Apr 18, 2012


Whenever we talk about current fashion trends with my colleagues, they claim them to be too feminine. Usually I try to argue that statement, but recently we have spotted that almost all the trousers in the menswear shops are skinny. This model became extremely popular during the last two years, but a few people actually know that this trend is 7 years old. It was presented for the first time by Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme in 2005.

Ever since it became very influential affecting the street fashion and mass market. Nevertheless, I must admit, this slim silhouette is appropriate not for all types of constitution. The same story with the shorts. After browsing the shopping malls with IT guys the resume is very sad: most of the models are too tight and short for  my boys. They are made more likely for teenages and students than for mature working males. Still I have picked up a few examples that could work for developers who sit all day long at their PC and still want to look trendy and masculine at the same time:

  • sporty


Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren


  • casual&denim

Junya Watanabe 



  • Chinos

Ralph Lauren


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