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Jul 29, 2012

Don't you want somebody to love

Hot summer days are so lazy and uncomfortable for going out. But as long as you have to get out of the air-conditioned chilly apartment to work you need to find something appropriate to put on. I prefer natural fabrics and loose silhouette. This time it was white broderie maxi dress, denim vest, RiverIsland sandals, straw bag and leather headband. Kind of hippie look. Peace, everyone! =) xoxo <3

Jul 23, 2012

Goodbye kiss

The summer is too chilly and rainy this year. Some years ago, looking through the knitted things on, I was surprised to find the summer sweater. Who would ever need the sweater for SUMMER, I thought then. Now I know, that actually me. :) Here is my first purchase of this kind: the lovely baggy pearl and gold summer jumper by RiverIsland. It's very comfortable and perferct for the kind of weather we are having now. I wear it with washed denim shorts, super high heels, Guess watch, Mango ring and earrings - the present from my good friend.

Jul 18, 2012


Since my childhood I had a lot of denim things in my wardrobe. Not only the clothes, but shoes and accessories as well. I remember my dad saying that jeans are all-in-one: functional, stylish and classic. Now my love for denim grew even stronger. There are more than 12 pairs of jeans and shorts, two jackets, shirts, skirts and even sneakers in the denim style in my closet. Combining all these things together is a lot of fun, don't you think? =)

Jul 14, 2012

Modern Scythian

In the heat you try to wear less. The same thing is about hair. The higher it is tied - the better :) Thanks to the sun this summer my skin is bronze. Owing to this and to my high cheekbones I seem to remind the nation that used to live on the territory of my country long long time ago - the Scythians. Inspired by their culture, I have tried to create a modern look with the elements of golden massive accessories. The basics for the look is formed by Oasis denim shorts, Warehouse leather belt and Mango top:

Jul 12, 2012

Summer's in the air

The first week after a short vacation is a little sleepy and melancholic. You still feel eagerness to go to the beach in the early morning instead of taking a train to the dusty office with stuffed air. This kind of mood is reflected in your choice of the outfit. I prefer wearing something airy and comfortable, yet it has to emphasize the sun-kissed tone of my skin. =)) The floral white jumpsuit with the straw bag, floral scarf and fuchsia sandals are just perfect for this role. Handmade lovely earrings created by my lovely friend and leather headband crown the whole look:

Jul 8, 2012

Formatting IT SS'13 wardrobe

As long as I have started writing about my life in the IT world I realized that my interest in styling broadened from strictly womenswear to both male and female clothes. Criticizing is a nice thing only when you offer some ways of solving the problem. So here I am surfing through the latest collections of menswear presented this summer for the next season -  SS 2013. It's not an easy task trying to find something appropriate for the office and lifestyle of the IT crowd and yet attractive for them. My boys are capricious ones. Like all men are, probably.
I have chosen three tendences for them to follow (or not =):
  • modern dandy
The thing is that finally (oh, I've been praying for that! =)) they  have to meet the clients and have to possess a kind of the "safe -to-do-business-with" look. They would hardly succeed in this mission with their everyday traditional outfit. And as if the designers anticipated this moment, they have presented a few ensembles just perfect for my boys to impress the clients.

Alexander McQueen


Marc Jacobs
  • striped knitwear
These looks remind me of France and romance. They can be appropriate in and out of office as long as there are no important meetings


 I love the way the colors are played with in Dior collection. Even the shoelaces contribute to the general styling of the outfit:

 Dior Homme
  • sport
I suppose this section will be the favourite one for my IT crowd as they like going in for sports. Besides, these things are very practical, which crowns the top list of values important for the clothes according to my boys.=) Sporty elements can be found almost in every collection



Dior Homme


There is one more section that was striking me through all my overviewing the collections. I call it the Big No group and I'm definitely not showing or recommending it to my IT guys.=)



Marc Jacobs




With all love and respect towards the brands and designers I really don't recommend this outfit because it's too bright, short, weird and (please not again) sandals-over-socks for the life of the IT guy. =)

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