Photo sessions

Stylish photoshoots done with the help of IT colleagues

Sep 29, 2012

Big city girl

Living in a big city and working in a huge company forces a girl to look formal, stylish and yet feel comfortablle in what she wears. It's not that easy to meet all these criteria. But I managed to find a magic formula for me: laconic and clean lines with some glimpse of creative design. That's why I've mixed classic black top with black leather ( a bit of rebelliousness) skinny pants, high nude platforms and beige jacket. To crown it all I took very practical, yet stylish, platinum tote by Mango:

Sep 25, 2012

Wild grapes

This week I've tried new lens on my camera. It was a very useful experiment for me  as I was completely confused by the manual focus and all other tiny things you discover with something new. But I wanted to tell about the photoshoot that happened because of this photo challenge. We went to our huge gorgeous park and took a few pics in front of the wild grapes. That's my obsession. I love the color of its leaves in this particular time of year: it's vinous, bordeaux and pomegranate at the same time. Noble colors. We took a few shots of my outfit:

For this relaxed photosession I chose RiverIsland pearl jumper, yellow skirt by Pull&Bear, yellow loafers by Vagabond:

Sep 23, 2012

Happy as Sunday sky

This weekend was very sunny and extremely busy. Lots of plans and "mustdo's". But this long list of planned business stuff emphasized even more the beauty of autumn days and made the desire to postpone all the work and take a walk in the golden haze inescapable. So there I was, taking a calm stroll down the park in Mango dress worn as tunic, Mango jeans and leather biker jacket and Zara platfors.

Sep 18, 2012

Shades of summer

Even almost three weeks after the Spanish trip I still have lots of photos to work on. What amuses me is such a short list of things I would wear those days: simply a swimming suit, beachwear tunic and a hat. That's it. Barefoot and happy as a little child :) I think it's the magic of summer: more is less. The chic is in the minimalism and clean lines.

Sep 12, 2012

Touch of cobalt blue

Vacations give me inspiration and strength to start the work again. I have noticed the funny regularity: the amount of  fun you have during the trip is equal to the level of spiritual elevation you have when you get back to your everyday routine. Now I am ready for career development and am picking up the garments that are of more formal style. Still I love that elusive touch of summer carelessness in the outfit. That's why I chose nude jacket by Mango, nude kitten heels by TopShop, knitted dress with cobalt blue stripes by Mango. The color of stripes reminds me of the salty water of the Mediterranean sea.

Sep 10, 2012

Anything could happen

My Spanish trip is over. The memories about those days spent on the Costa Dorada will warm me during the rainy and snowy season. What I'd like to tell you about in this post is my swimming suit. To be honest, I have two swimming suits. The first one, ironically,  I've purchased just before the trip to Barcelona. The funny part is that it's by Mango =). It has a black top and black pants with white stars. Very comfortable and easy to swim and sunbathe in.

My second swimming suit was more colorful. I picked it because of the shape of the top. It's nice to wear on when there are some waves on the sea. It fits me as my second skin. =)

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