Photo sessions

Stylish photoshoots done with the help of IT colleagues

Jun 28, 2012

Longing for the sea

In a few days I'll be sunbathing at the sea coast. The last moments before the vacation are the hardest - you can't help but think about swimming in the turquoise water and feeling the salty wind on your skin. That's  why everything you do screams out loud - I'm going to the sea, people! =) yesterday I was wearing the striped blue jumper, espadrilles, chinos, massive chain necklace, blacelet with anchors and fish. It's a nice outfit with the marine-themed elements. Just one day before my salty paradise! =)

Jun 19, 2012

In the heat

This week turned out to be extremely hot. People can barely walk under the midday sun. The only thing I could put on me that morning was superopen and bright yellow (like the sun =) dress. Simply can't wait for my summer vacation! =)

Jun 17, 2012


This Sunday was magically warm and sunny. The main street of the city was crowded with the footbal fans from all corners of Europe. Amazing atmosphere. We slowly moved from the Fan Zone to the neighbouring street where we found a retro double-decker. What a surprise!=) It looked there as natural as possible as if it always belonged here. I couldn't help but make a few pics in front of it in my relaxed Sunday summer look inspared by the heat outside: washed denim shorts, knitted white vest with leather Greek sandals and leather bracelets:

Jun 11, 2012

Moto moto

One beautiful morning I was walking to the IT office as usually right before the beginning of the working day. Suddenly, I heard a lound song playing down the street. It was "Californication" by RHCP. Love it so much, by the way. I turned around and saw my colleague in the black leather biker jacket, bandana and sunnies riding the steel beast. It was just what I needed to see on the Monday morning for the whole week inspiration. So this is how the idea of the shoot was born. Me in the denim cropped vest by New look, floral festival dress with the leather belt by Warehouse and the steel beast that  takes my breath away every time I look at it.;) A girl can dream :)

Jun 6, 2012

Going higher

There are some things among clothes that are originally meant to be super official and formal-looking. For me the high-waisted skirts have always been one of that kind. Until I've found a special one. A washed denim skirt. It is so rebellious that makes a formal business silhouette look fresh and up-to-date. I've added simple wedges and v-back T-shirt with floral print to make the look more summery and fresh.

Jun 2, 2012

Checked shirt out

Mixing styles is not an easy thing to do. One morning I was standing in front of my wardrobe and starring inside of it, trying to find  something to wear. As usually it happens in such situations, there were plenty of things, but all of them weren't good enough for me ;). At last I took out the basic outfit: white top, dark blue jeans and black espadrilles. But it looked too boring. Suddenly my attention was caught by the checked shirt. I tried it on the top and knotted it as the pin-up girls would do. This seemed to work. Here is the result :)

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