Apr 18, 2012


Whenever we talk about current fashion trends with my colleagues, they claim them to be too feminine. Usually I try to argue that statement, but recently we have spotted that almost all the trousers in the menswear shops are skinny. This model became extremely popular during the last two years, but a few people actually know that this trend is 7 years old. It was presented for the first time by Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme in 2005.

Ever since it became very influential affecting the street fashion and mass market. Nevertheless, I must admit, this slim silhouette is appropriate not for all types of constitution. The same story with the shorts. After browsing the shopping malls with IT guys the resume is very sad: most of the models are too tight and short for  my boys. They are made more likely for teenages and students than for mature working males. Still I have picked up a few examples that could work for developers who sit all day long at their PC and still want to look trendy and masculine at the same time:

  • sporty


Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren


  • casual&denim

Junya Watanabe 



  • Chinos

Ralph Lauren




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