Dec 4, 2014

Cozy in the faux fur coat

When I come across the winter looks styled by the bloggers from my country or from the neighbouring territories, I cannot help but wonder how they manage to wear such light clothes in such a terrible, exremely cold weather. By all means, how can a sane person feel cozy in the stilettos on bare feet and a coat that I would wear only if it is +15? Even if they are moving around the city by car. They still need to get out of it and walk those 3-4 meters to the destination spot balancing on the dirty slippery ground and it is still chilly outside.A friend of mine says that these people live in some parallel reality. I tend to find lots of sense in this point of view now. Or maybe I am a true Southern girl who hates cold and looks like a cabbage on leaving her warm flat in the mornings :). Yet here what I've found suitable for myself. Less dark colors, more fine textures and volume. Here is my interpretation of cozy but smart winter look :)

I am wearing: River island faux fur coat
Valery Kovalska trousers
Kachorovska biker boots and bag
Dennis Basso scarf



  1. Love the sweater

    check out todays blogmas post


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