Dec 1, 2014

Good Monday: Keep me warm

The first day of winter started with the very low temperature and teasing bright sun outside my window. Even though I was supposed to be fresh and ready to work after the weekend, I could barely pull myself out of bed. The pillow felt so soft and welcoming and even the energy boosting morning yoga class didn't have the desired effect on me. This is the official period when a 100% merino wool sweater is the sexiest thing that comes up to my mind when I'm deciding on my outfit of the day. Layering my clothes is my one and only choice these days. In order not to turn into a grumpy person I've found my own ways of keeping myself warm these days apart from wearing a half of my wardrobe at the same time.
The first method that always works well for me is holding a warm fluffy cat. The only negaive aspect of this idea is that a cat is not always that much excited about your company. But your chances multiply if the object is sleeping peacefully and you are good at walking on tiptoe.

Turning on the Christmas lights can add some festive air to your home. It feels so cozy and safe with the glimpse of fairy-tale season, that is brought by the soft light of small lamps.

Listening to the calm music and reading good books like "The unadulturated cat" by Terry Pratchett can put you in a good mood. As a bonus you'll be aware of all the negative consequences after coping with the first method and will be able to sign truce with your fluffy mate.

These are only few ways of getting through the iceness of these days. You can alwas improvise and find something good for you. Please share your recipes in the comments :)

Have a good Monday and keep yourself warm :)



  1. nice cat ;]


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    1. thank you:) I have checked out your blog. you have such a good sense of style! Your outfit is so chic and elegant. <3


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