Nov 23, 2014

Oversized checked tartan scarf

Don't know where I got this strange habit from, but I never walk with the bare neck in autumn. My mom can be proud of me, I always wear scarves or turtleneck sweaters. Or both :)
Autumn this year was rather warm and dry, but the closer we were getting to winter, the colder it felt outside. So I inspected my wardrobe and found an oversized tartan scarf and an oversized warm coat. To add some color to the look, I picked up a matching red floppy hat and red lipstick. In this outfit I can easily overcome any chilly wind or sad thoughts:) Bright colors and an oversized warm scarf will never let you down. Trust me :)

I am wearing: oversized scarf no name
                       Mango coat and jeans
                       River Island fringe bag
                       New Yorker hat
                       Mango boots



  1. Great outfit, loving the scarf. Amazing photos
    Check out my new post


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