Sep 21, 2014

Indian Summer

The sunny days are going to end very soon and bring crispy frost on the brown leaves on the ground. This is all about autumn. You never know when it is going to change its weather from the warm and sunny to rainy and windy. And vice versa. But I love this, so you won't hear me complain about the fall. Not me :) I have my secret obsession in fashion. I am keen on boho-chic things. Even though I work in the office and simply can't wear such outfits every day, I keep on stocking different fringe bags, varicolored cardigans and lace maxi dresses. And hats, of course. My strongest addiction :) As long it's my time of year, I can dress the way I like. At least for today :)

All pics by Olga Degtyarenko from YES I DO

I am wearing: jeans  and shirt by Mango
                       cardigan by Atmosphere
                       bag by RiverIsland
                       boots by Dune
                       hat by Catarzi



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