Jun 21, 2014

Caturday: Like owner, like pet

I often hear a statement that pets have much in common with their owners. So I tried to find something typical for Yoshi in me. I've been spying after him all the Saturday long, but couldn't figure out at least a tiny thing we could share. Until that I saw him sleeping peacefully.

Yes, this is my bed. Yes, this is my favourite floral bedspread. No, I didn't leave the plastic bag on it. Yoshi brought it himself. He is so keen  on sleeping on the plastic bags (God only knows why) that takes them everywhere he wants to rest his fluffy head on. Here is the thing we have in common with him. I am very attached to material things too. Hoping to work on this bad habit. :)

Lucky Yoshius can escape this stage of self-analysis as he definitely considers himself to be pretty awesome :) Who would argue that after these cute pics? If there are such people take a look at his funny fluffy paws with bushes of fur growing between cat-fingers. A real cat-hobbit :)



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