Jun 22, 2014

Good Monday: I'll See It Through

A couple of days ago I got a message from my friend blogger on facebook. It contained this picture:

It's me travelling by metro to my work that morning. It turns out I was so captivated by the book that didn't notice my friend. She dared not to disturb me from reading and when I got at my stop and rushed out so quickly that she couldn't catch me :). Even though I can blame all on my addiction to good literature, I must admit that there is another reason for me not noticing people around me. I'm short-sighted.  
I usually wear glasses while taking my driving lessons or while working at PC. I feel a little uncomfortable and old :) when I have to wear them outside. But after the story in the underground I've started surfing through different collections of glasses frames. And found a lot of cute ones! 

a  pic taken from here

A pair of specs can easily compliment your look and make you stand out from the crowd of city fashionistas :)

a pic taken from here
From now on I'll try to pay more attention to my personal comfort rather then to what other people think :) Plus with the glasses I won't miss the beauty around me.

Have a good Monday and look carefully around you. You might encounter small or big wonders. Don't miss them :)



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