Jun 16, 2014

Good Monday: For the Love of Food

I am about to update a little the format of my blog. I've been thinking it over for a couple of weeks already. My final decision was to create a few sections that hopefully will make your day better during the week. I'll be posting a few new columns in different formats: writing, pics, art and video. Here is the first column Good Monday. 
It will help to kick off the new week and feel less miserable about saying goodbye to the weekend. :)  The posts will be 200% positive :)
My first post here is dedicated to the street food festival. I think that this is a good topic as everyone loves good food. :) What is more, I truly believe that a good dish can make your day! :) All the food-lovers, this is for you;)

This Saturday I've attended a summer art picnic with the street food festival event.  It was held in the huge park, where all the numerous hungry guests had a chance to observe dancers, performers, visit art exhibitions and try some tasty street food.
Even though the rain started a few times during our visit, this was the most delicious Saturday in my life :) I ate so much that couldn't think about having a meal till the next day :) My absolute favourites are tarts with fresh berries. Nevertheless, probably the best benefit was that I didn't have to cook for the whole day and could finally hang out with my friends outside.

No matter how bad the weather or your mood is, you can always brighten up your day with a delicious dish or a sincere chat with your friends. Or both :) Have a good and tasty Monday! :)



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