Nov 27, 2011

IT hate list

My boys are like small kids. Knowing that I am a sort of criticising them for their careless way of dressing up they started teasing me. After playing the socks they come to me to give a hug in their wet from sweat T-shirts. Now they skype me when they are wearing the same clothing for the second/third/fourth day (which is quite often) or show holes in the socks they wear under the slippers in the office. But this is a small part of  a big teasing thing. They adore criticising back. Our office is in the city center, so lots of stylish people can be seen in the streets. IT guys love discussing the men's looks they see in the streets. They have even created their IT hate list :)Here is what they dislike most of all:
  • skinny jeans

This garment calls out the wave of uncontrolled negative emotions from IT crowd =) They say that the Real Man will never-ever put that model on. It's designed for girls only=)
  • oversized patent-leather bag

The same story as with the skinny jeans. This is particulary annoying for them as in most cases the bags are colorful and sparkling :) 
  • men wearing UGG boots

This is the last straw for them. Whenever they see a guy wearing all those three things at the same time they get really aggressive. However, my boys are very timid and will never hurt anyone in the street for their choice of clothes. But they will come to the office and start teasing me and complaining of that strange world of fashion, where the clear and so important, from their point of view, line between men and women is starting to disappeare.
And what can I say? Fortunately for me, they are completely anaware of Andrej Pejic and his career in fashion. :)



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