Sep 5, 2011

Stay and Fight

 Most of my coleagues are very humble and shy at work. They prefer to stay quiet and unnoticed, spending all day long staring at their screens or playing wii to relax. But you know what they say, dumb dogs are dangerous. Their inner aggressive beast comes out while they are playing on-line or real-time strategy games. =)This is where they are about to show their dark side. What! They do have it =) everyone does =) So they spend their evenings and nights fighting for some belt or coat or other garments ( real fashionistas, aren't they? =) So they come to work the next day sleepy, tired and indifferent, wearing the same stuff they put on now at least 2 days ago. One of the IT'guys told me, full of pride, that he dresses his on-line WOW hero a hundred times better than himself in real life. My question why it all happens like that, he answered wihout a shadow of doubt, that it is IMPORTANT for the hero. Imagine, what would have happened if they followed the rule on this picture: =)

To tell you the truth, sometimes I feel like those walking around real-time game characters, having a mission but performing the learnt actions from time to time. Still, I do not give up. From my point of view, it could be a nice idea for fashion designers, to create sketches for on-line games heros. This hidden PR would definitely work, and more programmers would follow the style tips subconsciously.



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