Mar 11, 2011

It's been a while

Yes, I know, I promised to myself that I should write here more. But it takes so much effort to choose the most important. The essence of the ideas that roll inside my blond-haired head.
In my previous post I told you about the kind of company I work for. The guys are really nice to me these days. We had a celebration of women's day and I was delievered two perfect enormously huge bunches of flowers. Yellow tulips and purple with pink ones. So lovely, tender and touching. I was so happy!

But as long as I'm writing about my life in connection to fashion I guess I should tell the trick I made that day.

I put on the very unusual as for the IT  people skirt by Mango. It's a feather skirt. A zefir pink one with the black satin belt. I'm absolutely in love with it.<3

I was wearing it with the black blazer and black tights and high heels.No accessories just small diamond stud earrings. And that was something=)) Everyone was impressed. =) Most of the programmers were making laugh of it and comparing it to some chicken halloween costume. But there turned out to be people who really liked it and draw paralles with ballet. The art I was actually inspired by while creating this look. Ballet and the "Run away" full version video by Kanye West.
So there are unexpected fashionistas even among IT crowd=)))
We'll see what's going to be revealed next =)



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