Mar 17, 2011

Fashionista's vow

What is the most important thing in the up- bringing? No. It’s not about avoiding doing harm or hurting someone’s feelings. The correct answer is : not to catch the inconsistency you are helping another person to get rid off.
You might be interested why I even bother to ask such strange questions. So let me explain.
I kind of sorted out that my so-called little mission is to make IT workers more fashion-educated, give them some glimpse of taste and understanding that wearing smart clothes does not necessarily mean that you are homosexual.
I was so captivated by my strategy that I almost completely forgot that I am actually in danger. When everyone around you pays little attention to their outfit and make up, it becomes harder not to follow their example. 
But thanks God I have caring friends. When I told a friend of mine about the sort of company I was working for she made me swear that whenever I get in the mood of pulling on my old colorless shirt, jeans and leaving my make-up at home,  I should remember her and other friends who love my style and the way I’m dressing up and never ever want to see me that way.
So here I am, ready to stand up for my right to be stylish and eager to bring the light of fashionable education into the intricate minds of IT people.=)



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