Mar 4, 2011

What I'm involved in

I probably should let you know, how my story began and what I'm involved in now. So here is the short overview of what happened to me before I started this blog :)
It's not that I'm a little girl all by myself in a big alien city. At least I hope so. I can't say that on the day I moved to the capital my whole world turned upside down. It wasn't a rebirth. Just a new episode of my life. A rather strange one, I must confess. Leaving aside all the troubles I faced here, I managed to find a job. And a good one actually. I am working in the IT company. We have a noble mission. We help people with health problems. Even though we make money of it, it's still the work one can be proud of.
The funny thing is that I'm the sixth girl in the office. There are 38 guys and only six girls. And I'm the only faire-haired maid out there. Now you can imagine how it feels in my shoes. No. I bet you can't.
IT-workers are the separate nation. They have their own way of behaving, having fun, dressing.....yes, dressing was the first thing that impressed me the most. But there were a few more 'surprises' yet to come. And I was not ready. No one warned me. I knew that it was a different world, but I never thought it was so another-universe for me.
Shocking? No, rather embarrasing and funny :)
As a fashion magazine journalist (that's a long story and I'll dedicate a separate post to it), the look of sandals on socks and too short sweaters and T-shirts stroke my fashionista's eye. And my ensembles were always carefully prepaired and thought-over. And no one really cared. No one even noticed. All they cared about were their screens and levels they gained in stupid on-line games. And that was the beginning of my IT career. :)



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