Sep 15, 2014

Good Monday: Time to move

I love autumn. It's my favourite time of the year. Mainly, because it always brings changes. And even though it might seem at first sight that these changes are for worse, in the end, it is all for better. Lately, I've read an article about Sara Blakely. Her story reminded me of my first autumn in Kiev. At that time job at the fashion magazine was all I dreamed of. Just like Sara, I was walking from one editorial office to another, offering my writing skills, fluent English and passion for fashion. Exactly like her, I heard NO so many times. But finally,I got my first article published. Nevertheless, I've chosen IT instead of fashion journalism. For many different reasons. But this story taught me that everything is literally in our hands. The only thing is that we have to let go our fears. And move :)

The pic is by Olga Degtyarenko

Have a good Monday and don't give up ;)



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