Jun 1, 2014

The First Day of Summer

The first day of summer started so magically sweet when I discovered two swallow nests just above my terrace/balcony in the kitchen :) I love birds and truly believe that they pick up only places with good vibes for their little residence. My cat Yoshi was extremely excited about our new neighbours in his own feline way. He made some chuckling and roaring noises that triggered me into bursting into laughter. And a day, month or better to say a season started with laughter and positive changes simply can't be bad ;)

What is more, the 1st of June is a Children's Day as well. That's why I took out my favourite dungarees. What else can be more childish that this piece of clothing? :) Yet, I am a grown woman now, so I had to make it clear with the key obsession of every little girl - extremely high heels :) So here I am, a little girl and a woman all in one ;)

I am wearing:
Heels by ZARA
dungarees by TOPSHOP
top by H&M



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