Apr 20, 2014

One step at a time

I believe that every person we meet in our life changes us. When I moved to Kiev and had to look for a new hairdresser, I looked through a lot of stylists until I found the current one. I was attracted by her fresh attitude towards working in this sphere. I guess thanks to her I managed to find courage and dye my hair pink. After the procedure, she took a picture of me and posted it on her instagram page. She wrote under it: Please live the way you want to. 

I think this is a perfect statement to follow this spring and even this year. I couldn't even imagine how beautifully pale my skin is. And even though the hair is vividly rich in color, it still looks sort of naturally on me. I feel totally comfortable and even refreshed with it. Spring is a really good time for changes. Start from something small and keep on moving :) And leave all your fears behind.:)

I am wearing: trench by SINQUANONE
ballet flats by DUNE
skirt ZARA
top H&M
hair by Yulia Sinesheva from cutmestudio



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