Jan 27, 2014

White collars day off

As you might already know, I work for an IT company. Five days a week, like millions of people all over the beautiful planet of Earth,  I wake up early in the morning to get to the office and do my job. The job that in most cases I tend to like than to detest. Sometimes the routine of the everyday similar tasks can put me in a bad mood and frustrate. So after a hard and long week I try to spend more time on the things I love, that help me to revive my spirits and refresh my strength. I'll tell you today what I'm usually involved in on my days-off:) So here is the short list:

  • my writing ( I am a writer, you know :)

I write a lot of silly things apart from posts in my English and Russian blogs. Mainly these are the short stories based on my childhood memories.

  • working at my blog 

This basically involves not only paying attention to the content, lay-outing, photo shooting and styling new looks, but also embraces surfing through the web in search of inspiration, a very dull SEO part and answering emails.)

  • reading

This is the most constant element of my weekends since I learned how to read. I use Amazon Kindle 3, which was my first big purchase after moving from my parents and starting the adult life. It is very convenient and pretty old, but I love it with all my heart. My favourite authors are Ray Bradbury, Ernest Hemingway and Alexander Grin.

 and spending time with my little kitten Yoshi :)
I took him from the street almost a week ago. He was struggling from starvation and had a broken back paw. Now he is recovering from all the bad memories and learning how to behave inside the house :) In Japanese "yoshi" means kind :)

These are just a few basic things I do when I'm out of office. Of course I love watching movies, taking long walks, meeting my friends and swimming in the lovely swimming pool by the place I live. And as I live on,  I discover even more captivating things to spend my leisure time. :)



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