Jan 20, 2014

60s love

When I lived in the South of the country and on-line shopping was far from being a common thing, there were not much places for a girl to go shopping to. I read thousands of fashion magazines. I craved almost everything I saw on their pages. But instead of that endless number of pretty brands we had the local market with ugly and tasteless clothes from Turkey (no offence to this country). I started sawing things at the tailor, trying to copy the silhouettes I saw in the fashion editorials. And then they opened the Sinequanone shop.  It was love at first sight. I still do love this brand even though it is no longer available for shopping in my country. My biggest and probably best purchase there was this bright blue coat in the style of 60s. Even though it has been for almost 8 years in my wardrobe, it is still my favourite one.

God only knows what I've been thinking about while this pic was taken. But it is so funny :) Seems like I am singing :-D

I am wearing: Coat and dress by SINEQUANONE
Boots by MANGO



  1. We love your outfit. We also have a blog, http://amigasyresidentesenstylestation.blogspot.com.es/, if you want watch it and if you like do not hesitate to follow


    1. thank you so much! :) Love your blog :)


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