Nov 24, 2012

Late November

I love autumn. It's my favourite season. But at the end of November I turn into a sleepy creature, always yawning and looking for the opportunity to take a nap =). I rarely walk out of the office in the lunch time but if I do it's more like running than strolling =). That's why my favs of this season are knitted things ( They are very easy to run in and yet very comfortable to wear=). For this look I chose knitted over the knee socks, light gray cardigan, parka and boots by Mango and white shirt dress. All crowned by black hat by Asos. Cozy, warm and chic. =)



  1. I'm a great fan of "over the knee" style ! I love your look here , however the combination of over the knee socks and boots, that's very cute ! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. That's so sweet! Thank you for your nice words :)


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