Feb 20, 2012

IT-guys Spring Essentials

My twitter is about to explode with the tweets hashtagged #LFW=)Meanwhile I am pondering over the thing that twitter could be the favourite social network for my IT guys if they weren't so lazy. It's perfect because it's laconic. Only 140 characters - that's it. I remember the first time they opened my blog. A  half of them barely reached the second paragraph of the post and gave up: Too many letters.That was the verdict. Whatever. =)
I think the same thing happens with them when  it comes to fashion. Have you ever seen a programmer wearing layers of clothing or mixing accessories to get a perfect look? Me either. I am talking about the average IT worker, not an exception. =)
Having surfed through the menswear collections for the upcoming spring-summer season, I have picked up a few looks that would probably satisfy the picky workers of the IT world. Most of the garments have clean simple lines and are of basic or pastel colors:
  •  Calvin Klein

The looks are reminiscent to the so-called 'black top & blue jeans' uniform of Steve Jobs and are very casual and comfortable. The key aspects that attract IT guys in clothes.
  • DKNY

Very relaxed looks with smart-looking things from natural fabrics that is essential for programmers. They prefer cozy things.

  • Alexander Wang

This outfit would attract the computer geniouses by its functionality, dark color and sporty look.
Speaking about their beloved T-shirts that they would wear all year round, I have selected a few models from net-a-porter:

Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Balmain

It would be even better if the prints would have been a little bit more colorful. This would attract more customers from the IT world. Who knows, maybe they are ready to invest money in brand clothes if they function longer than the cheap ones.



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