Jan 29, 2012

Inside My Wardrobe

What happens when a girl has to clean up her wardrobe? She starts trying all the favourite things on! :) That's exactly what happened to me this weekend. Fortunately, a friend of mine had a camera and time, so we made a few shoots in the outfit that will be waiting on the shelves till spring. The favourite pieces of clothing are the dress by Warehouse, named a festival dress. Hope one day I'll wear it to Glastonbury or something of that kind :). The look mixes up a leather jacket by Mango ( my recent trophy from the winter sales :) and boots by Bershka.

The second outfit comes under the code nickname "La vie en rose". I am absolutely sure that every girl has it. The perfect piece of clothing in the wardrobe that works in any case and in any situation. For me it's the zephyrous pink feather skirt by Mango. It's so amazing that takes all the attention and does not require any specific framing.

I simply can't wait for the spring to walk out these garments and layer things to get a more stylish look. Though now I put more clothes on to protect me from freezing cold and thus look like a cabbage! :D



  1. куртка просто супер!
    ах вот она какая эта самая юбка)

  2. спасибо=) куртка - это реально трофей=))
    дааа.юбонька прошла тест Запорожьем даже!=))

  3. beautiful outfit! I love it!!
    I follow u, follow me please
    And I ask you if follow me also here because my google give me a problems :((


    My Free Choice

  4. Thanks=) I've followed your blog=) lovely! <3

  5. ботинки с гольфами очень нра, а про юбку я вообще молчу)


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