Jan 7, 2012

Fur Fun :)

Even though it's almost mid-January, winter is kind of autumn in Kiev=) Nevertheless, I'm quite happy, as I hate cold and  feel  uncomfortable when I have to run from underground station to my work and back at the end of the day like a sprinter and still do not feel my toes. That is why, preparing for this icy weather, I do have a few things in my wardrobe. Even if the so-called Russian winter comes, I am all way ready for it. I am talking about fur. Not that I am a big fan of it. I have a fake fur vest that was created for me by a very good tailor and saved my skinny body a few times from becoming a talking icicle. :)

Apart from warming function it has one more benefit. It adds volume, if  I can say so. :) That is a big plus for me :)



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