Jan 20, 2012

Band Your Head

Winter is the time when you are forced to think less about how you look and more about how not to get cold. My top problem for the snowy season is my hair. It's wavy and thus is quite messy. But it gets even worse under the hat and the hood as I have to cover my head like an astronaut to protect it from the icy wind with the snow blowing exactly into my face.:) Fortunately, someone invented a headband. I simply crown my curls with the hair accessory. This time I chose a headband with a big dotted bow.

Jeans by Mango, necklace by RiverIsland, knitwear by Mango, headband handmade.

It's kind of reminiscent of childhood. Even the atmosphere of the day was joyful and playful. My colleagues made a little snowman and called him Viking.:)

While owing to my bow I was compared to a little girl from an old cartoon:



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