Dec 9, 2011

My substitude for the sun

When the weather gets worse and the sky is grey and cloudy, the only thing I am enthusiastic about is sleeping. I miss sunshine so much. It's so hard to kick myself out of the cozy bed in the morning into the grey winter day. In the hardest cases I use one nice trick: I wear yellow. =) Believe it or not, it makes me smile and brings energy!

( Turtleneck sweater by Zara, skirt by Pull&Bear, boots by RiverIsland, necklaces by Accessories)

And shooting for my blog with my friends during lunch time becomes a funny game full of jumping and laughing =)

P. S. Be careful with the massive necklaces, especially when jumping. I managed to count stars after my last jump=)) One jump - one hit=) Take care xxx



  1. мне так нравятся их яркие юбки ) еще кажется такая зелененькая есть)
    ты уруру

  2. Hi!!
    You look amazing! Love the color of your skirt!
    The color mustard is stunning :)

  3. Hey=)) thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)


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