Oct 28, 2014

Good Monday: Lost and found

I've always been absolutely sure that I know who I am, what I like and what I want in life. That's why when I saw a new Keep me balanced project by Dara Muscat that is dedicated to helping people in finding the essence of who they are, I thought that that's not for me. But as reading the article captivated me, I've decided to take part in the project just for fun. It comprises several tasks that you have to fill in order to get the desired result. The first thing I had to do was a list of a 100 points of my likes and dislikes. Easy! Not so much, as it turned out. By the end of this exercise I sat surprised with so many things that mattered to me, but I completely forgot about them! I think the main reason for this is that we all become tied by the everyday duties that we have to do as our work responsibilities. Plus we are so influenced by the people around us, that might be taking their views as our own. Today all the members of the project will take the next step of their mysterious journey. Will definitely join them in this trip. As it turns out there is so much to discover about ourselves.

All pics by Olga Degtyarenko from YES I DO

 Have a good week and take a minute to get to know yourself.:)



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