Aug 4, 2014

Good Monday: Sunsets

My favourite part of the day is definitely the sunset. I love the warm colors and golden rays of the setting sun. There is pure harmony in every moment of the vanishing day. The sky is breath-taking, no matter what kind of weather it is. If it is sunny, then the horizon is painted with yellow and pink strokes. If it is gloomy, the day is melting under the pavement black cover of the stormy clouds, that all of the sudden seem to be getting heavier and almost smashing the earth underneath. But when there are just a few clouds in the clear sky, I would stop and stare at the magic happening above my head. The palette is so rich and varied. It can go from the deep cold purple and heather to the warm apricot and  canary. These fairy moments last just a few minutes. But what a luck to be witnessing this little wonder!

I have written a short story for my Russian-speaking readers. You can read it here.

Have a good Monday and watch at least one summer sunset! :)



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