Jul 7, 2014

Good Monday: Movies Night

I am very picky when it comes to choosing a film to watch in the cinema or at home. Have no idea what people find in thrillers, horror movies and action films. For me the value of the good movie comes from the feelings it reveals in you. What is more, I can tell a good movie by the sweet aftertaste it leaves. As you have probably guessed it is not an easy task to a good film in the theaters these days. I mostly visit film festivals and watch movies online. But recently I was lucky to come across two really good films. Unexpectedly both of them are about choices we make in our life and teach us not to give up no matter what:)

taken form here


I love the music and the plot even though it is a little bit predictable. And remember to eat before watching it :))

Begin Again

I really liked  the songs performed by Keira Knightley. Plus the atmosphere of New York is the thing that is obviously worth watching :)

Have a good Monday and watch a good movie :)



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