Jul 21, 2014

Good Monday: Into the blue

Today I've dreamed about swimming in the sea. The vision was so clear and vivid, that I even could feel the warm waves on my skin and taste the salty drops on my lips. Even though it is still long enough before our happy encounter, I keep on magnetizing the salty water. Recently I've purchased two pieces of jewelry. Both of them with the blue stones of different shades. The first one is a silver pedant with aquamarine by Aloha Gaia.

This light blue timid stone is so fragile. It reminds me of the sea on a rainy gloomy day. So calm, wild and free. I carry a drop of this salty water on my chest.
The second thing is a ring by Monica Vinader with lapis. This stone is deep blue with golden sparkles.

It is more like the sea on a bright sunny day, when the rays of sun leave yellow traces on the waves.
Depending on my mood of the day I can pick either the ring or the pedant.

Have a good Monday and try to see beauty in simple things. And dream about the sea. :)



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