Jul 28, 2014

Good Monday: Fine Wine

I am not a big fan of alcohol. Frankly speaking, I would rather prefer some fresh juice to a glass of red wine. Simply don't get the pleasure of drinking something that tastes bitter on your tongue and makes you sleepy ( that's my reaction to having too many glasses :))


But recently I've read a book by Joanne Harris called "Blackberry wine". It is a simple story about the childhood dreams, fears and friends. With a little bit of magic;) And, of course, there are lots of descriptions of a true fine wine.

source: pinterest

Don't know what the secret is, but it felt so natural to buy a bottle of light white wine on a Saturday evening. I read the lines about various tastes of this alcoholic drink in the book and wondered about the magic it had over the main characters. I think the mystery here lies in the attitude of the one who drinks it.  So I opened the bottle of Sauvignon blanc, sat on my balcony with my everyday partner in crime cat Yoshius and drank the cold liquid slowly. And I could finally discover apart from nasty alcoholic bitterness some aftertaste of fruits and berries in it. And so the magic began. :) That was one the best weekend evenings I had, even though I didn't leave my flat :) Sometimes it is better to slow down and spend a calm evening alone. :)

source: pinterest
Have a good Monday and treat yourself to some fine wine! :)



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