Jul 14, 2014

Good Monday: After the rain

This summer is unbearably rainy. I get home almost every day with wet feet. It's not just a light drizzle. The showers are pouring on our damp city and the heat the is brought by the reappearing sun makes it hard to breathe outside. This Saturday was particularly rainy. It's been raining cats and dogs, so I went out with my rain boots on. I made a way through the wall of falling wall of water to the flower shop. There I saw a bunch of sunflowers glowing brightly through the window glass. Here it was, the blinding yellowness of the sun captured in the small slower shop by the metro station. I bought the flowers and took a piece of sun to my flat. On my way home the strong wind ruined my umbrella and the rain was falling freely on my head. I came home all wet through but smiling. Later that day the sun came out and kissed its flower brother with the gentle rays. No matter how hard it's raining outside, you can always carry sun in your hands... or heart :)

I've published a short story for my Russian-speaking readers. 
Рассказ вы можете прочесть здесь.

Have a good Monday and always remember that after the rain the sun comes out :) 



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