Mar 15, 2014

Lt. Columbo

When i was a little girl I first saw "Columbo" series on the TV. I remember watching them with excitement and fascination, mesmerized by brilliant wit of lieutenant Columbo. And even though these were detective stories and had nothing to do with fashion, I vividly remember a piece of clothing that was the main hero's must have no matter what season it was. I am talking about the coat. The classic beige coat that he wore for hundred years. :) Today I picked up my new beloved treasure  - a cream coat that I recently got as a very nice present :). Now I feel I can figure out any riddle or secret. Simply because I feel the power of Columbo statement piece :)

I am wearing: boots and bags KACHOROVSKA ATELIER
jeans by MANGO
coat by BURBERRY
top by PAPRIKA



  1. Love the trench with the floral pants!


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