Mar 9, 2014

Indiana Jones Wannabe

It's finally sunny and nice outside. I love this time of season when you feel good changes are coming and people smile in the streets to each other. The wind is not that warm yet, but you love it's touch and it no longer freezes you. I love pastel colors and for me nude and beige are probably more basic-like than black.
That's why I picked up the beige, cream and white things with the touch of yellow and blue. Plus I found how to use my dress by Asos that became small and short after a few washes (now I can ponder over the quality of the things by this brand :)) A dress turned into a top and I love it :) My friends say that this hat would look perfect on Indiana Jones. I don't mind. I like movies about him :)

I am wearing: Coat and bag by RIVER ISLAND
Jeans by OASIS
Top by ASOS
Cardigan by PAUL SMITH
hat by PAPRIKA



  1. Love the layering, so inspiring look! I really like the different textures together.:)


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