Feb 15, 2014

My Precioussss

I have recently read a book by Isabelle Thomas about the Paris street style. There was one line in it that declared a statement piece of jewelry to be a strong must for any true fashionista. I've pondered over this for a little while and realized that I already have that in my wardrobe. What is more, there are a few of them.
Judging from the point of view of style these things can be of not so famous brands, but for me they all tell a story. Every person has something that cheers their heart no matter what. Something really special that can be of not a big money value  but of priceless meaning to your soul. So here is my modest list of the accessories that I wear constantly.

  • cross pedant in yellow gold

This is the most important of all my possessions. I got it from my parents as a present on my school graduation party. The chain belonged to my mom and can be considered as vintage, I guess. :) The cross is simple and very small. I wore it through all these years and barely never take it off. I can not be called very religious. Still, I will never substitute it even with the brightest diamond on Earth.

  • three rings set with gemstones

These are the rings by Monica Vinader. They are just a small part of the constantly growing MV family in my wardrobe. I got them as a present and wear nearly every day as they match almost any ensemble. The funny thing about this set of rings is that when I forget to put them on i feel sort of uncomfortable all day :) The gemstones on the rings are: amethyst, chrystopase and citrine.

  • dandelion pedant 

My friend gave it to me as a NY present. It is a handmade accessory and it somehow describes my style as well. I tend to balance at the borderline between boho and chic style. The pedant is very smart and tender, but embraces a dandelion which is by no doubt symbolizes hippie attitude to life. What is more Dandelion wine is one of my favourite books. And it is always nice to wear a piece of summer close to your heart.



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