Jan 12, 2014

Sale el sol

The sun is my biggest energizer ever. Nothing brings me to life more like this golden star. That's why probably when I moved to the northern part of the country, where gloomy days are more usual than the bright ones, I started missing its joyful rays. I've never been into gold, preferring silver jewelry. And then I encountered with MonicaVinader rings. I remember where I first saw them and that feeling of craving them. It was then that I realized that I might have found my small substitute for the rays of the sun I was missing. The golden jewelry was so tempting. Now I have my own small collection :) The latest arrival is my New Year present  - a friendship bracelet  - with the engraving from the song Sale el sol and my initials. I hope I'll have more sunny days this year.



  1. Hey, your blog is really nice! I started mine recently!
    Come to visit it, maybe we can also follow each other! What do you think?
    I hope to see you in my followers soon,
    Cheers, Lisa ♡



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