Nov 24, 2013

Runaway Lover

I believe that every look has a story. This morning I woke up and glanced outside the window. I couldn't see a thing. The whole world was covered with fog. Mysterious and silent stood my city. The dusty cloth created the romantic atmosphere with bittersweet aftertaste. As if the party is over, or the love is gone and no one knows what lies ahead. This is when I made up a story. Early misty morning, a girl is walking down the empty street, all wrapped-up in clouds of fog. She's wearing high heels, stockings and a slip dress. She put on some coat on her shoulders to keep herself warm. All in her look shows that she had a long night and left in a hurry: messy hair, strange selection of clothes and touch of red lipstick on her full lips. A runaway lover.

I am wearing: Mango coat and jacket, Kookai slip dress, TopShop shoes.Lipstick: Revlon lip butter, Raspberry pie.



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