Mar 2, 2013

Enjoy the City

Sometimes it feels like the long grey dull winter weather will never end. And nothing goes right. You are exhausted and desperate. Find yourself daydreaming all the time, craving the long breathtaking trip somewhere wonderful. Somewhere far away from here. But you have to stay. Because of the job, of the plans, of so many things. The best way out of this gloomy circle is to look around. It might seem ridiculous at first. But it really works. You'll be surprised with how many little miracles are hidden around. That will light up the days and make the rare sun shine even more brightly and cheerfully. Take walks around the city, explore new routes, try new dishes in cafes. Treat yourself as if you were a child with a cold. Become the collector of  pleasant and nice moments. Enjoy the city. :)

All pics are by Asia

I am wearing: TopShop hat, Mango boots, RiverIsland bag, DenimCo dress and Warehouse belt.



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