Apr 8, 2012


Once I saw a note on the Harper's Bazaar Ukraine facebook page that they were holding a contest of inspiration moodboards. The idea was to give a chance for everyone to step into shoes of a young designer preparing for a new collection.

Even though I have never felt like becoming a couturier, I was amused by the contest so I desided to take part in it. It's a funny thing how you begin to pay attention to everything that influences your mood and catches your eye. I have never looked at the process of inspiration from that angle. All of a sudden things just popped up in front of my face and I could not decide what the key concept of my moodboard would be. The answer came from the less expected place ever. As it usually happens :). 
It all started with a little push from outside. I was looking through the new arrivals at net-a-porter site when I saw the recent magazine that is published online by this luxurious  store. The edition was about Chloe, one of my favourite brands , and included the video about the creation of the latest collection. Clare Waight Keller was showing the audience the moodboard with lots of different pictures and images that inspired her and her crew while creating the collection. That was the first brick in my moodboard wall.
The second one appeared after I saw the movie "La clé des champs":

The vivid pictures of untouched nature and children finding harmony in every blow of the wind on the abandoned pond stuck in my mind.  One of them was so bright and colorful that I pinned it on my moodboard:

From this very moment my collection was all about red poppies. Magic flowers. I found a dress by Luella 

and a few postcards and sketches with poppies.
The movie was still on my mind when I remembered a wonderful drawing by Nadya Rusheva that has been one of my favourite since my childhood:

I added it to the other images and it matched them perfectly. At the end I finished pinning with Prada ad photo  

and one of the dresses by Mary Katrantzou for TopShop:

That was the last pic on the list. I've played a little with the images on the board and here is the result:

I don't know whether I win or lose. I am completely unaware of the prize for the contest, by the way :). The truth is that it wasn't for the victory sake. I was attracted by the idea and I liked to experience some new shades of creativity. I'm realy glad I took part in this experiment as it taught me how to listen to and feel the tiny moments of my life.

P.S In case you are using Pinterest, you can find me there under margodaisy. :)



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