Mar 8, 2012

Shirts Updates for IT crowd

IT guys prefer wearing T-shirts all year round. But sometimes they change them to the classic shirts of basic colors.  I have surfed through the main recent tendences for this type of clothes to make the choice of the new garments in the wardrobe easier for my colleagues.
  • White Collar

by RiverIsland, Beam Plus, Hartford

It seems like the white collar element reflects the same tendency in the fashion for women. That isn't so practical for the developers, as the white cloth will get dirty very quickly and we all know how sceptical IT guys are about washing their garments. But it still can become an alternative to the traditional white shirt for some special occasions like holidays at the office or important meetings.
By the way, for those who hate laundry, I can offer shirts that already immitate dirt

MCQ by Alexander McQueen

or the ones with the black collar:

  • Contrasting color of cuffs and collar
Alexander McQueen, Etro, Viktor and Rolf

This tendency also arrived from women fashion. It refreshes the general look and makes the shirt more smart casual.
  • Patchwork
B Store, Etro

Folk, Junya Watanabe

From my point of view this type is the most interesting one. Still it requires appropriate framing and occasion. And a glimpse of self irony, or course :)



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