Dec 25, 2011

Meow to 2011

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2011 was the year of Cat. This was my year by various reasons, but one of them is that I was born in the cat's year too. =) That's why, probably, I'm so obsessed with these little fluffy meowing creatures. I bet every girl has something in her closet with the kitten print.
For instance, Kylie Minogue recently has posted a pic of kitten shoes on her twitter account:

Victoria Bekham dedicated a few dresses in her Spring 2012 Victoria for Victoria Bekham line to the cats:

See by Chloe offers less expensive outfit with the kittens print on the T-shirt dresses:

I do have a few items in my wardrobe that express my love for cats. Even my favourite perfume Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci was advertized by Jessica Stam styled as a cat =) :

 Moreover, I have lovely earings shaped as sly kittens:

Even though the year is almost over, I know that my addiction to cats won't pass away. There is something magical about these animals that enchants and influences not only ordinary people, but even the world of fashion.=)



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